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We offer a fertility guarantee on all breeding stock, as well as a live birth guarantee on all bred females.  All alpacas are BVD free.  Six months free agistment is also included. 

There is always something to learn when you purchase a new alpaca, whether you are new to industry or have been a part of it for a while.  We offer support services and training to all clients for one year, consisting of:
  • Breeding selection
  • Nutrition
  • Halter training
  • Birthing & cria care
  • Vaccination, deworming & nail trimming
  • Fibre sorting
  • Pasture management
Armani's Baron Junior herdsire
D.O.B.  July 29, 2009 White
CLAA # 38462 ARI# 31614702
Sire: Silver Cloud Armani Dam:  Darby Bar                            
AO 2010 Color Champion            Mayflower 2010  1st place
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ITA Audrie 3 in 1 package!
D.O.B.  August 3, 2009 White
CLAA # 37242 ARI# 31849784
Sire: Jolimont Peruvian Noah Dam:  SBA Desiree                            
17.6 microns at 3 yrs of age!  
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SBA Elcoya
SBA Elcoya 3 in 1 package! 
D.O.B.  June 12, 2007 Multi with pure fawn cria at foot
CLAA # 35944 ARI# 31849791
Sire: MMR Marcoyo Dam:  MMR Eliza                           
Supreme Champion & Judges Choice       Navan Fair Fleece Show 2008
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MMR Eliza Bred to SCA Demetri for 2012 cria
D.O.B.  June 6, 2000 White
CLAA # 21227 ARI# 824617
Sire: Jolimont 2 Peruvian Alpamayo Dam:  Jolimont 2 Peruvian Elsa      
Reserve Champion AlpacaFest 2001  
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Darby Bar  Bred to SCA Demetri for 2012 cria
D.O.B. September 11, 2001  Fawn
CLAA# 23599  ARI# 832816
Sire: Peruvian Pistachio Dam: Kirsi Bar
Reserve Champion 2002 & 2003 Royal Manitoba Show
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Condor's Sequoia Yearling Female
D.O.B.  June 10, 2010 White
CLAA # 40883 ARI# 31614696
Sire: Peruvian Condor Dam:  SBA Elcoya                            
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SBA Desiree Bred to AHF Elorien for a 2012 cria
D.O.B.  June 28, 2005 Dark fawn with light fawn cria at foot
CLAA # 31111 ARI# 1354751
Sire: MMR Marcoyo Dam:  Darby Bar                            
20.9 microns at 6 years of age!  
More Information  3 in 1 package!
Desiree's Bella Bred to Americano's Keswick for a cria in 2012                
D.O.B. August 3, 2009 Fawn
CLAA#  38463 ARI # 31614719
Sire: AHF Elorien Dam: DBA Desiree                    
AO Supreme Female Champion 2010 Mayflower Best in Show 2010
More information New Brunswick Best in Show 2010
Arcoyan Gelded Pet / Fibre Alpaca
D.O.B. June 24, 2008 Light fawn
Sire: MMR Marcoyo Dam:  Darby Bar                           
21 microns at 3 yr old        
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SBA Valentino Gelded Pet / Fibre Alpaca
D.O.B.  June 28, 2007 White
CLAA # 35943  
Sire: Aztec Vira Cruz Dam:  Delphina          
10 lb of fleece at 3 yrs old!        
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Alaskan Cruz
Alaskan Cruz Gelded Pet/Fibre male 
D.O.B.  June 25, 2008 White
CLAA # 37241 ARI# 31849777
Sire: Aztec Vira Cruz Dam:  MMR Eliza                            
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Upcoming Events
NB Alpaca Show
Fredericton, NB
September 8-10, 2011
Held in conjunction with the Fredericton Exhibition
Open Farm Day
Open House
September 18, 2011
9 AM to 6 PM
Come and see our alpacas!  Learn about raising these gentle creatures and feel our  exquisite fibre products.  Start your Christmas shopping early- we will have a large variety of products for sale (insoles, hats, mitts, scarves, socks, yarn).  Cash only.   
Maritime Handspinners' Retreat
Wolfville, NS
October 14-16, 2011
2010 Champions
Desiree's Bella
Alpaca Ontario Supreme Female Champion
3x color champion
2x Best in Show
Armani's Baron
Alpaca Ontario Color Champion
First Place